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Male MVP

Paul Whitacre - OF - (Glove Machine) / Troy Newman - SS - (Weakened Warriors)

Female MVP

Jenna Branchi - 1B - (Weakened Warriors)

Most Improved Player - Female

Shayla Rasmussen - C - (Weakened Warriors)

Most Improved Player - Male

Thaddeus Edwards II - 2B - (Weakened Warriors)

Female Rookie of the Year

Gina Lee - C - (Game of Throws)

Male Rookie of the Year

Troy Newman - SS - (Weakened Warriors)

Dan Lacey Award (Drinking Buddy)

Denzil Engelbrecht - OF - (Spaceballs)

Mark Nuotio Award (Mr. Hustle)

Ryan Mondor - OF - (Weakened Warriors)

League Contributor Award

-not awarded-

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