Golden Gate Bridge Field

Located in west Daegu, the Golden Gate Bridge Park is a beauty. 

The league's first year playing here, more information to come!  

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Dustin Waters Stadium

Located in the Heart Dong-gu, Banyawol Ball Park is a welcomed addition to the DSL.  Not far from Singi Station or Banyawol Station, on the red line.

Will this be the field where you create those memories that you will tell your grandkids about?  No one knows, but there's always a chance!

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Secheon Field

Located in west Daegu, this is a beautiful riverside field.  Take in the scenery and play some ball.  

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Hayang Field

Hayang Field might look like it was placed in the middle of a desolate wasteland, but bountiful innings can be found in its massive outfield. With a partial fence in left and open pasture in right, there is plenty of room for balls to run and for runs to score. Far removed from the hustle and bustle of inner-city Daegu living, Hayang Field provides the members of the DSL a chance to step into a slower, more respectable, way of life. Be sure to bring some food or plan to have yourself a BBQ, as there aren't any shops or restaurants around for convenience; but don’t worry, the DSL has you covered on the beer. The isolated feel of this field make for a perfect setting to spend the entire day out with the DSL while you watch outfielders chase down fly balls from dawn until dusk or until the hill people chase us home.

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Yeungnam University

A fantastic park located just outside of Daegu in Gyeongsan. Yeungnam University is the only park in the league without a wall. This place is infamously known for it's rocky infield: shortstops beware. On a clear day, spectators are blessed with beautiful naturalistic scenery. Bring out your lawn chairs and picnic blankets as there aren't any bleachers. There are however, some trees located behind home plate so shade should not be a problem on those Daegu summer afternoons. Convenient stores and restaurants are located all around the campus so if you're in need of a bite to eat or a snack, you're in business.

Easy to get to YU by subway; take the green line east to the last stop - done.

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Hyojin Park

Hyojin Park is magical and whispers sweet something in your ears as you step up to the plate; the warm and inviting atmosphere inviting the best performances out of each and every player who steps across the chalked white lines and out onto the diamond.

The setting and location of Hyojin Park, buttressed by nature and nuzzled by the setting sun, hearkens us all back to a time of our youths when life was a little more innocent and sunflower seeds were in everyone's pockets.

There is indoor shelter, but if you prefer the outdoors, bring a chair and enjoy the atmosphere.
Turf and a big fence to aim for in the outfield.  This is one of the best fields that we play on in the DSL.  So be sure to ready for a full day of action!

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Duryu Park

Renowned as the dream park for all hitters, Duryu Park was the original diamond used for Daegu Softball and remains a part of the league but less frequently visited. A huge surface, where it is nearly impossible to go yard, still favors hitters. A hit through the gap is almost a guaranteed home run as the ball will never stop. Located just off the subway, with some restaurants and coffee shops littered between there and the park, it takes about 15 minutes to get to the field by foot from the Duryu subway stop. There is plenty of seating available surrounding the field, but shade is somewhat limited. There are also dugouts on the field for people that want to be close to the action.

Easy to get to Duryu Park by subway; take the green line west to the Duryu stop - walk up toward the amusement park (look for the tower jetting out from the middle of the amusement park). When you see the park entrance on your left, keep walking straight for about another 100 meters - the amusement park will be on your left and we're across the street on your right (the ballpark stadium is just off the main road tucked in behind the trees).

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Hwawon Ball Park

This location is the "Granddaddy" of Daegu Softball. Located near the Geum Ho River, it offers the best playing surface, seating and atmosphere of all our ballparks. When the sun is shining, there's no better place to kick back, relax and do all the fun things the league is known for throughout the season. As part of the left-center wall, an elevated, tree-spackled island stands as the trademark for spectators at this ballpark; it's the ideal place to get out of the sun, listen to some tunes, grill up whatever and chat with friends while watching afternoon ball. The scenery is fantastic here, as nature abounds with a feeling of home. Across the river, and up on a hillside, sits a gorgeous Korean temple that draws attention and cameras all day long. If you're around for a late game, you can't beat a sunset at Hwawon Park.

You can take a taxi here, but the full ride would be a hefty fare unless you live on the west side; best bet is to:


1) Take the subway to Hwawon (red line west) and then take a taxi.

2) Hop on a bus to get near the ballpark and then take a taxi.

3) Catch a ride with someone.

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