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Adam Beattie


Years Played: 8 (4 as Captain)

Teams: Master Batters (‘10-’14), All Balls (‘15), Field of Drunks (‘16), 

Dingers and Stingers (‘18)

Position(s): 3B / SS / OF / P

Year Inducted: 2022

Notes / Achievements / Contributions / Honors:

- 2 X Champ - Field of Drunks (‘16), Dingers and Stingers (‘18) 

- 1 X Captain of the year

- 2 X Gold Glove Winner

- Top record (or T-1st) in DSL first 3 seasons as captain

- Walk off hit in ‘16 championship game (Field of Drunks)

- Co-Host of original podcast (TWIDS) with Chris Bolger

- Co-Creator of with Rob McClure

- Proud original member of Dece Team

Favourite Memory:

Sharing a chip in the final season with such a great group of people including long time friends Jamie Cairns, Dave Lyons, Corey Sitar and of course, coach Brandon Brown. 

The Impact DSL had on my life:

I’m indebted to Chris Bolger who encouraged me to join the league and endorsed me as a captain. I’m certain that for some the DSL was just another activity to fill a Sunday (now Saturday) void but for me the DSL was the community of communities that provided me with friendships and memories that will last forever. It’s an honour to be inducted. Long live the DSL!

Adam Beattie
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