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Charlie Hurd



Many (played in 5 seasons)

Year Inducted: 





Notes / Achievements / Contributions / Honors:

  • Only coach in DSL history to go winless in a season (Yellow Fever, 2011)

  • 1x DSL Finals loser

  • Never used "Work on Monday" as an excuse not to drink

  • Offended the 2nd most people in DSL history (1st - Jason Yantorn)

  • 1x Gold Glove for second base

  • Helped promote the DSL to be the best Expat league in Daegu (Frisbee sux)

  • Never won a DSL title, but won plenty of post-game drinking activities

  • Proud supporter of "Always keeping the Sunday vibes" at a very high level

  • Usually was a top suspect when the league would find trouble for urinating in public

  • Provided expert level peer pressure to continue the party downtown after the games were finished

Charlie Hurd
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