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Chris Bolger


Played from: 


Year Inducted:




"Meet a Person.  Drink a beer.  Win a championship."

Notes / Achievements / Contributions / Honors:

  • Co-founder of the Daegu Softball League

  • Holds the unofficial record for most walk-off hits as a player for the other team to win the game

  • 1x Max Player of the Week ("Same week as Yantorn, but my team won.")

  • Co-host of the first original DSL Podcast - TWIDS (This Week in Daegu Softball)

  • Owner of the first DSL dog - Lucky

Favourite Memory:

"Drinking beers with Beattie for 3 straight days after beating his team in the 2010 Finals"

Forever indebted to his wife, Jee, for being the backbone of the league for 8 years.

Chris Bolger
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