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Darren Smith



All Balls (‘15), Battered Bastards (‘16), Baker’s Dozen (‘17), 

Glove Machine (‘19), Pitch Doctors (‘20), All Balls (‘21)



Year Inducted:


Notes / Achievements / Contributions / Honors:

  • 5X 1st team Gold Glove (Outfield) 

  • Rookie of the Year (‘15)

  • Led the league in triples (2015, 2016, 2019), doubles (2019) and runs (2020) 

  • Top 5 Total Bases (2015 (5th), 2016 (3rd), 2017 (5th), 2019 (4th), 2020 (3rd)  

  • Top 5 OPS (2015 (4th), 2017 (5th), 2020 (5th); Top 5 OBP 2020 (3rd)

  • Top 5 RBI’s (2015 (4th), 2016 (2nd), 2017 (5th)  

  • Top 5 Slugging (2015 (3rd), 2017 (5th), 2019 (5th), 2020 (5th) 

  • Top 5 Runs (2017 (3rd), 2019 (4th), 2021 (2nd) 

  • Top 5 Hits (2017 (3rd), 2020 (2nd);  Top 5 Home Runs (2017 (4th) 

  • Top 5 Doubles (2017 (2nd), 2020 (2nd)  

  • Top 5 Batting Average (2017 (5th), 2020 (4th) 

  • Oldest #1 overall pick in DSL history (49 years, 4 months, 10 days) 

  • Was usually scorekeeping or umpiring when not playing.  Usually asked to umpire 

playoffs and the Championship Game since I was only able to play in one 

Championship Game (and lost).  The experience umpiring in the DSL has led to a 

lucrative “career” of baseball and softball umpiring in the summers back in Manitoba.

Lasting thoughts: 

The Daegu Softball League was something I thoroughly looked forward to and enjoyed each spring.  I would spend all week getting all my gear cleaned and my extra food and drinks prepped and packed.  Up bright and early on Saturday/Sunday morning and lugged that big Nike bag of mine one or two hours on buses, trains, subways, taxis, etc. - all to get to the field an hour before the first game started.  I didn’t care if I was playing in that first game – I wanted to be at the field all day.  Just loved the sport and the people involved with the DSL.  It is definitely one of the things I miss dearly about South Korea. 

 Quote comes from “Dawg Nation” - the charity organization that helped my younger brother in 2019 when he was fighting Stage IV cancer.  “Play Hard.  Play Fair.  Give Back.”

Darren Smith
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