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Dustin Waters


Teams: Master Batters (‘13), All Balls (‘14 - ‘21), Los Drinkers (‘22)

Position(s): Wherever team needed

Year Inducted: 2022

Notes / Achievements / Contributions / Honors:

- Spoke intermediate Korean and was thus named as ambassador to the field ahjussi.

- Captained one of only two teams to NEVER win a game during a regular season.

- Printed his face on a whole team's worth of jerseys.

- Tried unsuccessfully to sabotage other teams jerseys with 'All Balls'.

- Clean shaven for most games. Learned most of his teammates' names.

- Wears 'V panties' because he likes the support and wind brushing against his thighs.

- Rarely if ever injured.

- Hit a home run in first at bat for (He'll tell you) amount of season openers.

- Likeness of his face adorned bathroom urinals for an entire day.

- Won treeball that one time.

- Laughed off every loss, laughed off every win. It was always just about having fun.

Lasting Thoughts:

When I joined the league, Dustin was already there. As with each morning before game day, setting up the field, and maneuvering a chalk lining machine full of wheat flour, Dustin was already there. He greeted new players and old friends each day warmly. He'd encourage you to get good hits, make ridiculous catches, not worry about the misses, and have a beer or 4 before your game. Dustin rarely had more than the legal limit before his games, but he was such a positive force that he'd help you achieve your own empty can goals before your game. He was a backstage powerhouse for many years, organizing fields, rides for teammates, doling out captains duties, and bringing all the things that make your day better to the field each week. Not many people know what goes into organizing 10 teams, 8 teams or 6 teams worth of players into an enjoyable day. Dustin does. He was there. Never taking himself too seriously, Dustin was always able to quickly shake off being the scapegoat for minor inconveniences. The major cogs aligning to bring a group of happy sports fans together was more important to him. It was often a thankless existence. I recall one late evening after a long day of double games, a lot had gone wrong that day. Among losses, injuries, and a barrage of drunken problems, Dustin was there, to take it all in stride. I chatted with Dustin after the game. He had had enough of it all. We drank a beer, cleaned up some cans and trash, put away the equipment, and talked about how it's always been worth it. It's been fun, it'll be fun next weekend. Oftentimes you'll find your muscles sore and your body aches after a long day of games. But you had fun, and it was all worth it, because Dustin was there.  

- Kory Baker

Dustin Waters
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