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Heather Langford



Field of Drunks (‘16), All Balls (‘17), Weakened Warriors (‘19 & ‘21), 

Good Times (‘20) 



Year Inducted:


Notes / Achievements / Contributions / Honors:

  • 2 X Female MVP (‘20 and ‘21)

  • 3 X DSL Champion (Field of Drunks ‘16, Weakened Warriors ‘19, Good Times ‘20)

While I wasn't the loudest and certainly not the drunkest of DSL-ers, it was and is an absolute honour to have met, spoken to and played with such great people from all over the world. It was truly one of the best things about my time in Korea and I certainly miss it. The DSL is not just playing a game of softball on a Saturday (or Sunday when I first played), but a community to be part of that I looked forward to being part of every year.

Heather Langford
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