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Jamie Cairns


Teams: Thunderbirds (‘08), Big Daddy’s Brigade (‘09), Scoregasms (‘10,‘13), 

The Whalers (‘11), HIT+ (‘12), Hanamana (‘14), The Qs (’15), 

All Balls (‘16), C-Ball (‘17), Dingers and Stingers (‘18), Weakened Warriors (‘19)

Position(s): Played every position except SS

Year Inducted: 2022

Notes / Achievements / Contributions / Honors:

- 4x Champion - The Qs (‘15), C-Ball (‘17), Dingers and Stingers (‘18), Weakened 

Warriors (‘19)

- the DSL’s ultimate “glue guy”. 

- Known for having his trusty grill close by at all times.  You could always hear him say 

after selling a burger / dog .. “Just buy me a beer later  .. Heh. Next week, next 

month.  No worries.”

Lasting Thoughts:

Honored to enter the Hall.  Even though the glory goes to the boppers, all Champ teams need utility dudes like me, Connery, Gonella, etc. Guys who can play multiple positions and just get on base.  Miss y’all --- Go Dawgs!!

Jamie Cairns
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