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John Buckley



2008-2018 (Soju Slammers, Where My Pitches At?, The Whalers, HIT Positive, Hits and Giggles, Bad News Beers, Masterbatters, All Balls, and The Hitsters

Year Inducted: 





Notes / Achievements / Contributions / Honors:

  • Never won a DSL Championship (Basically a bizzaro Mike Conery)

  • Never won any DSL awards

  • Played in 1 DSL Championship (Bad News Beers)

  • Drank 976, 423 beers (unofficially)

  • Was personally responsible for getting the league banned from playing at the Keimyung Field

  • Spent 9 days in hospital after taking a throw to first base square to the temple, shattering his orbital socket

  • Won the Dan Lacey award in 2018

John Buckley
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