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Lee Babin


Teams: Big Mike’s Brigade (’09), Angry Dolphins (‘10), Swingers (‘11), 

Honey Badgers (‘12), Hit Squad (‘13,’17), Slappers (‘14),

Hanamana (‘15), Sons of Pitches (‘16)

Position(s): 3B / LF

Year Inducted: 2022

Notes / Achievements / Contributions / Honors:

  • Champion - Swingers (‘11)

  • Captain  -  Honey Badgers (‘12)

  • Played on Daegu Foreigner Team for Firefighters Games (‘10) - Silver Medal

  • Won several 1st-team and 2nd-team Gold Gloves - 3B

  • Co-hosted podcast with Bill Algeo and sometimes Murray Johnson for several years.

  • Helped to design several logos for various teams over the years. 

  • Umpired a hell of a lot of games, always better than Rob McClure

  • Delivered equipment and drinks from time to time.

  • Helped book Yeungnam fields one year when we played almost all games there.

Lasting thoughts:

If there is one thing that I miss more than anything about Korea, it is the Daegu Softball League. I think about it often, think about the number of great people I met there, the absolute fun I had every single weekend and tournaments and gatherings. When I look back on my late life, I will think of my 30s as my Decade of Softball in Korea.

Lee Babin
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