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Lindsay Middleton


Teams: Scoregasms (‘10), Hanamana (‘14,’15), All Balls (‘16), 

Beards and Beavers (‘17), League Contributor (-‘22 and beyond)

Position(s): C / Rov / 2B

Year Inducted: 2022

Notes / Achievements / Contributions / Honors:

- All 16 seasons either spectating or playing. 

- 5 seasons pretending that I have any idea how to play softball.

- For my sins, 2 years making sure Jayo fucking Yantorn has some kind of batting line 

up and defensive plan each week (Hanamana for life!!). 

- 6 years Scorekeeping. 

- 1 Jeff Molasky Contribution Award.

- 2 years making the best Caesar’s south of the DMZ. 

- Countless team parties crashed. 

- Featured on every podcast except the one Babin and Murray tried to do drunk on 

Friday nights. 

- 1 bat to the face splitting open my eyebrow. 

- 1 shirt with Dustin’s face on it. 

- One cameo performance (police officer #2) in season 2 of The Real DSL.

Lasting Thoughts:

All in all, the DSL is a huge reason I’m still here. I’ve bled, cried, laughed and most importantly made everlasting friendships. Thank you DSL for the most incredible 16 years. PLAY BALL!!

Lindsay Middleton
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