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Mike Conery


Teams: Hanamana (‘07,’08,’12), Spellcasters (‘09), Swingers (‘11), Brew Jays (‘14)

The Qs (‘15), All Balls (‘16)

Position(s): RF / OF / Rover

Year Inducted: 2022

Notes / Achievements / Contributions / Honors:

  • 5 X Champion - Hanamana (‘07 ‘08), Swingers (‘11), Brew Jays (‘14), The Qs (‘15)

  • Dan Lacey peppering a home run over my head on a ball I misjudged in the playoffs (we still won).

  • Ryan Mondor yelling at me not to try to run from 2nd to 3rd during a game and then subsequently throwing me out when I decided to not heed his advice. 

  • The Q’s playoff run and beating the swingers in one of the most intense playoff / championship games I’ve been a part of (‘15).

  • Throwing Brandon Brown out at home in the playoffs from RF on a laser.

  • No sleep Saturdays and straight to ball for cans and softy on Sunday. 

  • Undefeated Hanamana team where I captained

Mike Conery
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