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Sean Rugg



2014, 2015 (Pitch Slappers)

Year Inducted: 


Position: IF/OF


Notes / Achievements / Contributions / Honors: 

  • Started the Pohang city softball team (Pyrotechnics)

  • Captained the Pohang Pyrotechnics from 2013-2015

  • Organized the first Pohang tournament (Buddha Bowl)

  • Co-organized a multi-city fall tournament (Silla Cup)

  • Founded/Captained Silla Bulls Baseball Club in 2014 and 2015

  • Developed the DSL stats system that is still in use today

  • Co-founded and hosted DSL Outcast podcast in 2013 and 2014

As a Pitch Slapper, somewhat contributed to the end of the Scotty Timpano /Brandon Browndynasty that plagued the DSL. However, the greatest accomplishments were off the field. As a self-appointed chief justice of the DSL court, presided over landmark court casebetween Rob McClure and Dustin Water. As an investigative journalist, uncovered thegolden shower escapade between Mike Kudra and Jayo Yantorn. And also lifted the lid onthe cold hard truth of deadbeat dad Daryl McGee's fondness for bears and disinterest inproviding support for his half-human half-bear offspring. Other than that, didn't contributemuch of anything other than some benign trolling in occasion.

Sean Rugg
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