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Stephen Craig


Teams: Pitch Slappers (’12, ‘17), Bus Drivers (‘13), All Balls (‘15), Hit Squad (‘16)

C-Ball (‘18)

Position(s): OF / 3B

Year Inducted: 2022

Notes / Achievements / Contributions / Honors:

  • Champion - Pitch Slappers (‘12)

  • In a historic mid season transaction, he was brought in halfway through the 2012 season to replace some pussy Ultimate Frisbee scrub on the Slappers. At the time, the Slappers were one game below .500.   Filling a huge gap in the outfield, the team would go undefeated after his arrival to win the Championship.  

  • First of the “Gyeongju / Pohang wave”.   In 2013, brought with him such legends as Darryl McGee, Stacey Martin, Gregg Devillers, Paul Groba and the Pohang gang.  

  • One good memory was telling Jayo he was going to hit a homer, then winked at him as he trotted by at first base the game after crushing a walk off home run for the All Balls.  It was at the controversial “Short outfield Wall” at Duryu Park, so crushing it may be a bit of an exaggeration.  

  • Winner of several Hite Hit of the Week and Cass Catch Of the Week Honors.   

  • Organized and held two successful Softball Tournaments in Gyeongju that saw teams from all over Korea attend.

  • Gyeongju Team name was the Tomb Raiders.  Had a lot of exhibition games in Gyeongju that the boys and girls from Daegu and Pohang played in.

  • Known for making the best Bloody Caesars in league history :)

Stephen Craig
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