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Pam Doyle

Teams: 2007 - WaBar (Manager), 2008 - Holy Grillers (Manager)

Year Inducted: 2011

Positions: IF/OF


  • 2007 Female MVP

  • 2007 DSL Finals Runner Up

  • 2007-2008 DSL Treasurer

Chris Bolger

Played from:  2007-2017

Year Inducted: 2019

Positions: IF/OF

"Meet a Person.  Drink a beer.  Win a championship."


  • Co-founder of the Daegu Softball League

  • Holds the unofficial record for most walk-off hits as a player for the other team to win the game

  • 1x Max Player of the Week ("Same week as Yantorn, but my team won.")

  • Co-host of the first original DSL Podcast - TWIDS (This Week in Daegu Softball)

  • Owner of the first DSL dog - Lucky

Favourite Memory:

"Drinking beers with Beattie for 3 straight days after beating his team in the 2010 Finals"

Forever indebted to his wife, Jee, for being the backbone of the league for 8 years.

Doug Karalius

Played from:  2007-2017

Year Inducted: 2019

Positions: 1B/OF


  • Co-founder of the DSL

  • 2x DSL Champion (2011 Swingers, 2016 Field of Drunks)

  • Played in over 100 DSL games

  • Gold Glove Winner

  • Wrote the first DSL team theme song

  • Only captain to start 5-1 in a season and miss the playoffs (2010 Angry Dolphins)

Favourite DSL Moments:

"The cup wins of course, and Jayo losing his shit after Ariella caught him in a run down."

Watch it here!

Jason Yantorn

Played from:  2007-2016

Year Inducted: 2019

Positions: IF/OF


  • 3 time DSL Champion (2007, 2008, 2009)

  • Part of a team that won 27 games in a row (from 2007-2009)

  • Played in over 100 DSL games

  • 9 years as a manager (DSL record)

  • 1x Max Player of the Week

  • Offended more people than any other shit talker in league history

  • First person to streak across the field during a DSL Finals

  • Organized the first inter-city tournament (Also got very drunk and got his Korando stuck in a ditch)

  • Warned by league treasurer (Corey Sitar) to pay his beer tab more than any other player in league history

Ariella Bar-Nissim

Played from:  2011, 20013-2017

Year Inducted: 2019

Positions: C


  • Hugely influential in the management of the DSL Charity

  • In 2011 (her first year) she was a member of the DSL Champions - The Swingers

  • She won three 1st Team Gold Gloves as a catcher and one 2nd Team Gold Glove

  • She played for The Swingers (x3), The Hits and Giggles, The Pitch Slappers, and Baker's Dozen

Mike Kenyon

Teams: 2007 - Hanamana, 2008 - Soju Slammers, 2009 - Big Daddy's Brigade (Manager), 2010 - Hanamana

Year Inducted: 2011

Position: 1B



  • 2007 DSL Finals Champ

  • 2009 Playoff Win as Manager

Roger "Right Field" Rooney

Teams: 2007 - Thunderbirds, 2008 - Soju Slammers, 2009 - Hanamana, 2010 - Spellcasters, 2011 - Masterbatters, 2012 - Swingers

Year Inducted: 2012

Position: RF



  • 2009 DSL Finals Champ

  • 2009 Gold Glove Winner

  • 2012 DSL Trading Card Published

Heather Watson

Teams: 2007 - WaBar, 2008 - Thunderbirds, 2009 - Soju Slammers, 2010 - Where My Pitches At,                             2011 - Hanamana, 2012 - Scoregasms, 2013 - Bus Drivers, 2014 - The Qs, 2015 - Scoregasms 

Year Inducted: 2015

Position: C



  • 2011, 2013 Gold Glove Winner

  • 2009, 2015 MVP Nominee

  • 2007, 2012 DSL Finals Runner Up

  • 2009-2015 Best Muffin Maker

Eva Melican

Teams: 2011 - Scoregasms, 2012 - Scoregasms, 2013 - We Got The Runs, 2014 - Masterbatters

Year Inducted: 2014

Position: C/Rover/2B



  • 2011 DSLer You Want to Drink With

  • 2012 Gold Glove Winner (C)

  • 2014 League Contributer Award winner


Eva was a strong supporter of the DSL charity fund. She was a positive influence not only on every team she played on, but in the DSL as a whole.

Robbie (Robhere) McClure

Teams: 2009-2018 (2009 Bus Drivers, 2010 Masterbatters, 2011 Hanamana, 2013 FaQ2, 2014, 2015 The Qs)

Year Inducted: 2019

Position: IF/OF



  • Won Gold Gloves in 2009 and 2010

  • In 2012, ran a marathon, came to play ball and hit a grand slam

  • 2013 ACL rupture playing DFFL (Daegu Flag Football League)

  • First rookie coach to win a DSL Championship in 2014 (FaQ2)

  • Coached for 3 years and won 2 championships (FaQ2 and The Qs)

  • During 2016 playoffs, his team didn't allow a runner to cross the plate until the Championship game.

  • In 2017 he broke his foot while rocking down at a Journey concert.

  • In 2018 he needed emergency bunion surgery

Robbie left his mark on the DSL in a big way, but not only that, he left an even bigger mark on the community of Daegu.  From helping start and run the DSL Charitable Fund, to various charity outings.  He was a the one who brought us those amazing DSL Year 10 jerseys (a GIGANTIC SUCCESS).  He was also the designer of the DSL Koozies (150 of them sold out in the first weekend).  Rob was also instrumental in bringing softball around the county while organizing Fall Tournaments and as the head of the DECE Team in Daegu.

Charlie Hurd

Teams: Many (played in 5 seasons)

Year Inducted: 2019

Position: IF/OF



  • Only coach in DSL history to go winless in a season (Yellow Fever, 2011)

  • 1x DSL Finals loser

  • Never used "Work on Monday" as an excuse not to drink

  • Offended the 2nd most people in DSL history (1st - Jason Yantorn)

  • 1x Gold Glove for second base

  • Helped promote the DSL to be the best Expat league in Daegu (Frisbee sux)

  • Never won a DSL title, but won plenty of post-game drinking activities

  • Proud supporter of "Always keeping the Sunday vibes" at a very high level

  • Usually was a top suspect when the league would find trouble for urinating in public

  • Provided expert level peer pressure to continue the party downtown after the games were finished

Drew Merchant

Teams: Spellcasters, Yellow Fever, Masterbatters, Hanamana, Bats Hit Crazy

Year Inducted: 2019

Position: 3B



  • 1x Gold Glove for third base (should have won countless more)

  • Complained more about not winning awards than anyone else in DSL history

  • Only player who tried to take off his cleats to stab someone

  • Better than most girls in league history

  • Despite never playing for All Balls, feels that he's kind of been All Balls the whole time

John Buckley

Teams: 2008-2018 (Soju Slammers, Where My Pitches At?, The Whalers, HIT Positive, Hits and Giggles, Bad News Beers, Masterbatters, All Balls, and The Hitsters

Year Inducted: 2019

Position: Outfield



  • Never won a DSL Championship (Basically a bizzaro Mike Conery)

  • Never won any DSL awards

  • Played in 1 DSL Championship (Bad News Beers)

  • Drank 976, 423 beers (unofficially)

  • Was personally responsible for getting the league banned from playing at the Keimyung Field

  • Spent 9 days in hospital after taking a throw to first base square to the temple, shattering his orbital socket

  • Won the Dan Lacey award in 2018

Mark Nuotio

Teams: 2010-2012, 2016 (Scoregasms, Yellow Fever, Pitch Slappers)

Year Inducted: 2019

Position: Outfield

"It brings a lot of hearts together to make one big heart, and everybody in this league has a piece of my heart."   - After winning 2012 DSL Championship



  • Won a Gold Glove in 2010, left field

  • Won the Johnny Hustle Award in 2011 and 2012

  • After winning the Johnny Hustle Award in 2012, the league named that award after him (Mark Nuotio Award)

  • In 2012, was named Playoff MVP and won the DSL Championship (Pitch Slappers)

  • In 2012, was hospitalized for 2 weeks from an accident (concussion).  Came back to lead the Pitch Slappers to a Cinderella Championship under Coach Bill Algeo

  • Known for being a team player and his love for the DSL

Has been known as one of the fastest and fearless players in the league relentless to dive on
rocks and in trees. “A real deal highlight reel.” With a drop of a beat I hold the record for
the best dance and vertical distance doing the “worm”. Probably most known for a being a
team player and my love of the DSL. The quote (after winning the 2012 championship) “It
brings a lot of hearts together to make one big heart, and everybody in this league has a
piece of my heart,” has summed up the DSL for me, and my amazing friends in Korea. It’s a
great honor to be part of the DSL Hall of Fame and family!

Sean Rugg

Teams: 2014, 2015 (Pitch Slappers)

Year Inducted: 2019

Position: IF/OF



  • Started the Pohang city softball team (Pyrotechnics)

  • Captained the Pohang Pyrotechnics from 2013-2015

  • Organized the first Pohang tournament (Buddha Bowl)

  • Co-organized a multi-city fall tournament (Silla Cup)

  • Founded/Captained Silla Bulls Baseball Club in 2014 and 2015

  • Developed the DSL stats system that is still in use today

  • Co-founded and hosted DSL Outcast podcast in 2013 and 2014

As a Pitch Slapper, somewhat contributed to the end of the Scotty Timpano /Brandon Brown
dynasty that plagued the DSL. However, the greatest accomplishments were off the field.
As a self-appointed chief justice of the DSL court, presided over landmark court case
between Rob McClure and Dustin Water. As an investigative journalist, uncovered the
golden shower escapade between Mike Kudra and Jayo Yantorn. And also lifted the lid on
the cold hard truth of deadbeat dad Daryl McGee's fondness for bears and disinterest in
providing support for his half-human half-bear offspring. Other than that, didn't contribute
much of anything other than some benign trolling in occasion.

Chris "Tiny Dancer" Kuisle

Teams: 2014-2018 (Brew Jays 2014, Q's 2015, Battered Bastards 2016, C-Ball 2017, 2018)

Year Inducted: 2019

Position: IF/OF


  • 3x DSL Champion (Brew Jays, Q's, and C-Ball)

  • Won 3 Gold Gloves for Center Field

  • Was named 2014 Rookie of the Year

  • Was awarded the 2016 League Contributor Award

  • Was awarded the 2017 Mark Nuotio "Mr Hustle" Award

Co-Host of the Outcast 2014-2015.  Creator/Co-Host of The Pickle 2016-2017.  First and only man to stick a triple pirouette in CF.

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