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by "Pohang" Peter Payne

Last edited: March 22nd, 2017    11:07 KST


Howdee yall Dagoons! Well well well it time agan four a nother year of DSL ball! If yall ricall lass year i Pohang Peter Payne predickted mister Trump wood be a next liter of the free world! Now I aint won too toot my own horn but im happy too say i was got dam rite!

What at mean for you is USA is grate agan an buy procksy the DSL. An as you will no buy now first part of pressadent Trumps plan to make the dsl grate is to change the hole instatooshun from the ground up. Thats why he in stall mister dustin water as the legue dick tater! I half you no their is no finer human to rite the mess that cheatin robbie mcclure done left behine! cheatin rob mcclure left mister water a failing sistem that had peepull leafing korea buy the billyunz forgot nose where! Ats why so many captins done change, many dsl stall warts and lejend done ski-daddulled, and their too less team this year.

Butt dont wory becuz mister water is a man of the Lard. Ats rite, hes a sertafyed ordain minster. Just ask him a bout the buybull an he tell you any thing! Pluss he a natchural liter! An now wit looser rob mcclure out a the driver seat mister water is finely free to take this legue to the next levul. so you no he got a multeefassated plan to safe the legue!

step 1: git rid a fake news
you bet a first thing he gonna due is git rid a them fake news organeyesasains like the failing pickall podcast and weakly ball moover an any thing at aint been pre a proof by mister water his self. Any news artickle or show that treat mister water or his rageem unfarely is fake well fail and git lock up!


part 2: cut the deafasit!

As you no so much money go to unnessasary eyetems at dont make no sends! mister water plan too cut spend in buy a hole lot. Won way he gonna do that is no new team jerzees! Ever year billyons of won were waste under cheatin robbie mcclures pour liter ship by in jerzees! They’re for, if you wanna jerzee just ask me an I give you won with mister waters face on it from lass year for 15000 that aint soild yet! Ease things retale for 25000 on ebay so yer gittin a grate deal! An you can rest a shirt your legue fees are gone to worthwell cause is like mister waters green fees travel rekwired fer the comlacated job of been a dick tater, and koalaty protection for mister waters wife an kids!


faze 3: the dsl cryme hot line!

If you no of a dsl team try to cheat there way to a champ in ship like ever won of cheatin robbie mcclures failing team mister waters god a salooshun fer ya. Call the dsl cryme hot line at 054-rob-cheat an file a report! Calls cost just 1000 won fur the first minut and 100 won fur each adishanall minut. Bee shure to pervide lots a deetales!

Their you half it! A full prove plan to fix the disasster that cheatin rob mcclure done made of the legue!



***this messuge was a proof buy mister dustin water, dsl legue dick tater***

© 2007 Daegu Softball League

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