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  • Pohang Pyrotechnics senior leadership have been cultivating, supporting, and assisting WATERS for at least 4 years. Aim, endorsed by KUISLE, BAKER, MILLER, PAYNE has been to encourage splits and division in the DSL in order to be victorious in future multi-city softball tournaments across the Korean peninsula.


  • So far WATERS has declined various sweetener business deals offered him in Pohang in order to further the Pyros’ cultivation of him. However, he and his inner circle have accepted a regular flow of intelligence from the Pyrotechnics, including on his DSL political rivals.


  • Former top Pyro Intelligence officer claims (Pohang Information Softball Security Service) PISSS has compromised WATERS through his activities sufficiently to be able to blackmail him. According to several knowledgeable sources, his conduct has included perverted sexual acts which have been arranged/monitored by PISSS.

  • A dossier of compromising material on Robert MCCLURE has been collated by PISSS over many years and mainly comprises bugged conversations he had on various visits to softball dugouts and intercepted phone calls rather than any embarrassing conduct. The dossier is controlled by Pohang spokesman, BAKER, directly on KUISLE’s orders. However, it has not yet been distributed to the public including to WATERS. Pohang intentions for its deployment still unclear.




  1. Speaking to a trusted compatriot in January 2017 sources A and B, a senior Pohang softball figure and former top level Pohang slugger still active inside the Pyrotechnics respectively, the Pohang Pyrotechnics had been cultivating and supporting DSL league commissioner candidate, Dustin WATERS, for at least 4 years. Source B asserted that the WATERS operation was both supported and directed by Pohang Pyrotechnics Captain Chris KUISLE. It’s aim was to sow discord and disunity both within the DSL itself, but more especially within the Daegu alliance which was viewed as inimical to Pohang’s interests. Source C, a senior Pohang softball official said the WATERS operation should be seen in terms of KUISLE’s desire to return to Silla Cup era softball anchored upon cities’ interests rather than the ideals based Korean peninsula-encompassing community order established after 2016. S/he had overheard KUISLE talking in this way to close associates on several occasions.

  2. In terms of specifics, Source A confided that the Pyros had been feeding WATERS, his close associates, and his team valuable intelligence on his DSL opponents, including DSL commissioner, Robert MCCLURE for several years (see more below). This was confirmed by Source D, a close associate of WATERS who had organized and managed his trips and who reported also in January of 2017 that this PISSS operative had been “very helpful”. The Pyro’s cultivation operation on WATERS also had comprised offering him various lucrative business deals in Pohang, especially in relation to the ongoing softball tournament relationships. However, so far, for reasons unknown, WATERS had not taken any of these.

  3. However, there were other aspects of WATERS’ engagement with PISSS. One which had borne fruit for them was to exploit WATERS’ personal obsessions and sexual perversion in order to obtain suitable compromising material on him. According, to Source D, where s/he had been present, WATERS’ (perverted) conduct included hiring the commissioner suite of the Daegu Inter Burgo Hotel for a secretive team function. A hotel where he knew former commissioner Robert MCCLURE (whom he hated) had stayed on one of his official trips for DSL business, and defiling the bed where he had slept by employing a number of prostitutes and John BUCKLEY to perform a ‘golden showers’ urination show in front of him, engaging in ritualistic rave orgy parties with bears and known associate and travel partner Daryl MCGEE, and passing out in a pile of human and bear excrement after wrestling Dan LACEY and several other bears during a fit of alcoholic induced bravado while adorning only WATERS team jerseys. The hotel was known to be under PISSS control with microphones and concealed cameras owned by a former PISSS operative in all the main rooms to record anything they wanted to.

  4. The Daegu Inter Burgo Hotel episode involving WATERS reported above by Source E, Darin NOVAK, who said the s/he and several of the staff were aware of it at the time and subsequently. S/he believed it had happened in 2016. Source E, provided an introduction for a PISSS operative to Source F, a female bear present with intermediate English ability at the hotel when WATERS had stayed there, who also confirmed the story. Speaking separately in January 2017, Source B, (the former top level PISSS slugger, asserted that WATERS’ unorthodox behavior over the years had provided PISSS with enough embarrassing material on the now league commissioner to be able to blackmail him if they so wished.

  5. Asked about the Pyro’s reported intelligence feed to WATERS over recent years and rumours about a Pohang dossier of compromising material on Robert MCCLURE being circulated, Source B confirmed the file’s existence. S/he confided in a trusted compatriot that it had been collated by Kory BAKER of the Pohang Pyrotechnics for many years, dating back to Jason YANTORN’s tenureship as a DSL captain and legend, and comprised mainly eavesdropped conversations of various sorts rather than details of unorthodox behavior. Some of the conversations were from bugged comments MCCLURE had made within dugouts of games while on official softball visits to cities across the peninsula and focused on things he had said which contradicted his current position on various DSL and Daegu softball issues. Other were most probably from intercepted phone calls held at the DSL offices.

Continuing on this theme, Source G, a senior Pohang official, confided that the MCCLURE dossier was controlled exclusively by chief Pohang spokesman Michael MILLER, who was responsible for compiling/handling it on the explicit instructions of KUISLE himself. The dossier however had not as yet been made available to the public, including to WATERS, his close associates, or his team. At present, it was unclear what KUISLE’s intentions were in this regard.

31 January 2017

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